Años Nuevo

As this time of year comes once more around

Like many I try to think of something profound

Exiting the decade that, sadly, not all will see

Ten years blazed by, bringing much reverie

Some bits were good, some others bits not

Ten years of social media, ending with TikTok


Humourist under attack for things uttered in jest

Thinned skinned individuals judging what’s best

Electronic tentacles giving all it seems choices

Giving the meekest owners of keyboards voices

Being part of the middle seen as a blessing

No minority issues, why would you be stressing?


Another new year, a new decade, another new start

It is human nature to have an optimistic heart

Because what is the point if you’re not going to hope?

Spend the upcoming decade in a perennial mope?

No. Go forward, attack, overcome all of the fears

Most importantly, have some Happy New years.


Deafening Whispers

The health inside of your head they say

Maybe we should give it a special day 

Just a day? Not a week? Or even longer

It would get the message over stronger 

The ethereal things you can’t figure out 

Those niggling things that cause doubt 


It happens to everyone, but some hide

Armoured in embarrassment and pride

The mental whispers, struggles abound

Just keep them quiet, make no sound

Revelation a strength, said to your face

Whilst ridiculing your falling at life’s pace


Speak up, you must unburden yourself 

This sort of issue can’t be left on a shelf

Might say you’re crazy, and to be feared

Like a contagion, because they’re scared

The talking is for you and has to be done

It’s the way mental battles can be won


Spending Words

It is generally the rich who say about money 

It’s not the way to a land of milk and honey

It’s what you enjoy, no matter how crappy 

Is going to be the thing to makes you happy

They say don’t chase the cash or the show

They’re already loaded, so they should know


To pursue the finance, will just make you sad

Pursue your life’s passion, no matter how bad

Because surely it is better to be rich of soul

Than to be caught in avarice, greed and gold

The money doesn’t matter, so listen to me

I’m helping you to avoid a life of misery


Misery you say? The money’s such a pain

Still, you invest it, seeking capital gains

If what you say is true, it’s such a burden

Why do you look for every tiny tax haven?

Money doesn’t equal happiness, you say

Yet your actions say otherwise every single day


Easy Living

The question to ask is, are you failing?

Or just gliding through life, easily sailing

Avoiding challenges, don’t push too hard

Never look silly, always on your guard

Stay always safe, do not take any risk

Much easier way to avoid life’s evil twist


I’m getting by nicely, why should I push?

I’m in no hurry, there’s no reason to rush

Go slow and steady, avoiding harm’s way

It’s not about winning, just get thru the day

Ambition is a fallacy, chasing foolishness 

Just do enough, that is always the best


No one can laugh, point an accusing finger

No shame or embarrassment around to linger

Greatness is not meant for everyone 

Legacy of some minor deed you’ve done

Who needs the hassle? It’s too much effort 

No thanks, I rather have nothing to report!


Edison did what? Ten thousand times?

He obviously was a man out of his mind! 

Got no time for that, just bumble along

I have no pressing desire to be the one! 

No hero complex here, no one to save

Just let me tip-toe safely to my grave


No point in enquiring, I won’t even try

I don’t need excitement, I’m not that guy

Let others be foolish, trying to get seen

No drink, drugs or dancing, keeping clean

Live fast, die young with great memories?

I’d rather live long and leave no legacy

What You Don’t Know

What a horrible person! What is their problem?

Why don’t they face up to it and just solve them?

Inflicting their bad vibes, poor attitude abound

Spreading their spite and negativity all around

They are angry at this, they are angry at that

Needing very little reason to get into a spat


A bad mood hanging around, like a dark cloud

Comfortable to vent their displeasure aloud

No thought of any others, it is all about them

They’re unhappy, all must suffer in the system

Misery loves company, have you not heard?

Being perennially happy is absolutely absurd!


But take a deep breath. Why are they sad?

Are they sort of person who is just mad or bad?

Did something happen to make them this way

Or are they, like happens, just having a bad day?

Intrinsically bad attitudes are few and so rare

Perhaps they’re looking for someone to care

Sort Of Good

How do you measure darkness? What is bad? 

Is it what makes one feel angry, depressed, sad?

We have come to this world, with it all defined 

What if it’s wrong, it’s the definition unrefined? 

Some wrongs are okay, but others some are not

It seems the rule makers have a bit of a blot 


Killing is bad, but not whilst for one’s country 

But will be wholly frowned upon if monetary 

Handsome and charming, likes women, a jest

Ugly, lecherous, an obnoxious persistent pest

Looks should not matter, barely be a bother

We still insist on judging each book by the cover


Failing is bad? So sad. How does one learn?

Afraid to try or attempt, or even take a turn

No one likes a failure, some infectious disease 

The winning is all in this first world of ease

Showing your success, some trinket of wealth

You’re not succeeding, just cheating yourself


Your contribution is not worthy, valid, wanted

Still, everyone cares if it’s flashy, much-vaunted 

Coming full circle, entertained by downtrodden 

Looking with disdain at those near the bottom 

Success equals good and nothing else matters 

Not moral ambiguity or emotional life tatters

When I Grow Up

When little, what did you dream of? I forget

What you didn’t dream was a life of regret

Pursuing a target that society thinks best

See life has no time for dreamers and jest

Contribute or fail, these are your choices

There’s no appreciation of individual voices


But hold on one minute, something is strange

It is no longer a society where skills exchange

To get ahead now, all one needs is to show-off

No discernible skill, be able to weather a scoff

The ability to be brazen in one’s lack of a skill

Nothing more impressive than a smile and will


The question of what do you want to be?

Lost in the chasing of money and popularity

Bus driver, mechanic, perhaps even a nurse

No, just management degree, chasing a purse

All glory and likes, craving strangers adulation

No thought of contributing to the wider nation

Be My Proxy

Thirty, forty, fifty years, it’s a different scene

There are so many teenagers living my dream

Afforded opportunities, never came my way

Shunning their choices with so many at play

Know how lucky they are? So many chances

Rejecting opportunities, no second glances


So many young sports stars, now earning big 

I’m not being jealous, but they don’t give a fig

Getting paid massive money for kicking a ball

And some of them really not very good at all! 

It could have been me, had talent when young 

But how many chances came my way? None.


Still, I root for the youngsters, pushing them on

No green-eyed envy ‘cause my chance has gone

The harsh words I may type are meant to inspire

They’re not some misguided, jealousy fuelled ire 

Hate to see prodigious young talent just wasting 

As it was something I had no chance of tasting 


I’m helping young bucks, my opinion matters

Their minds too fragile, mentally left in tatters

It does not matter that I wasted my own youth

I still have the right to be out here telling truth

I pay good money to watch these guys play

So have every right to have – vent – my say! 

Poems Collected

I wrote a book! Yes, I did! Every single word

An electronic collection that is not absurd

now put together, my poems all in one place

downloadable to Kindle, for you to embrace

It’s my first edition, hopefully, there’ll be more

If you like my witterings head to the Kindle store


What Do I Have To Complain About?

What do I have to complain about?

Makes me sad, irks me, creates doubt?

The comfortable home in which I dwell?

The free-running water, so I don’t smell?

My internet connection, it’s ever so slow,

Three seconds to open! How long? I know! 


No money to spend affects my mood

No money you say? All spent on food!

I wish I had that and I wish I had this 

Look at all of the wonderful things I miss!

I see it you know, when out and about

The spending of money whilst I have nowt


What about me? Where’s is my cash

To go out and boast, my media flash 

Keep up with the Jones’s, the ‘in’ crowd

Show off expenditure, that is allowed

I’ll not fall back, can’t take the shame

This is my one life, it’s not a silly game 


Should worry less, the opinion of others

Clouds the mind creating many bothers

The years fly by, months, weeks and days

A whole life eaten away, in so many ways

Still living, still here, still in with a shout

What do I have to complain about?