Deafening Whispers

The health inside of your head they say

Maybe we should give it a special day 

Just a day? Not a week? Or even longer

It would get the message over stronger 

The ethereal things you can’t figure out 

Those niggling things that cause doubt 

Spending Words

It is generally the rich who say about money 

It’s not the way to a land of milk and honey

It’s what you enjoy, no matter how crappy 

Is going to be the thing to makes you happy

They say don’t chase the cash or the show

They’re already loaded, so they should know

Easy Living

The question to ask is, are you failing?

Or just gliding through life, easily sailing

Avoiding challenges, don’t push too hard

Never look silly, always on your guard

What You Don’t Know

What a horrible person! What is their problem?
Why don’t they face up to it and just solve them?
Inflicting their bad vibes, poor attitude abound
Spreading their spite and negativity all around
They are angry at this, they are angry at that
Needing very little reason to get into a spat

Sort Of Good

How do you measure darkness? What is bad? 

Is it what makes one feel angry, depressed, sad?

We have come to this world, with it all defined 

What if it’s wrong, it’s the definition unrefined? 

Some wrongs are okay, but others some are not

It seems the rule makers have a bit of a blot 

When I Grow Up

When little, what did you dream of? I forget
What you didn’t dream was a life of regret
Pursuing a target that society thinks best
See life has no time for dreamers and jest

Be My Proxy

Thirty, forty, fifty years, it’s a different scene

There are so many teenagers living my dream

Afforded opportunities, never came my way

Shunning their choices with so many at play