Droll Troll

It’s not a nice name, troll, troll, troll
Not flattering, nor friendly, not at all
Fail? I don’t think so, doesn’t really fit
It does not reflect my searing wit
The jolly japing, the funny asides
It all gentle ribbing, I tell no lies

It’s not even correct, troll, troll, troll
An odd moniker, not something you call
Mildly sinister, I’m not anything like that
Though accused of unwarranted attacks
They’re funny I tell you, chucklesome
Not comments that are overly worrisome

A keyboard warrior, not troll, troll, troll
Anonymity is a necessary, vital, a wall
Keep observations unbiased and pure
Think of all the mental anguish I endure
Entertaining people, for free, far and wide
I do not keep doing this just to be snide

So lazily labelling me a troll, troll, troll
As though I am someone without soul
Thin skinned people, words don’t hurt
Only sad individuals, with a need to divert
From their sad lives, so call me a troll
Instead of what I am, droll, droll, droll.


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