A Man’s Lot

Fella, geezer, bloke, dude, monikers of the male
Strong, stoic, breadwinner, a very different tale
Don’t cry, be tough, fighting, tumble be rough
Eat meat, potatoes, bread, lift weights, be buff
Are you a man? Upstanding? Showing the way?
Are you a man? Rising early, working all day

What is the right way? Where is man today?
Head of the family, a leader finding his way?
A partner, friend, spouse, just part of the unit
Provider of shelter, now expected to intuit
Neanderthal traits, suppress and refrain
Yet to flee or fight is still deep in the brain

The thinking, the fashion, acceptable ways
Faster than evolutions pedestrian days
Liberal masses, all bullying and righteous
Believing their way will ultimately save us
Ignoring that those who repel their glower
Embrace savage and take the power


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