The Opinion Of Others

Does it ever really matter what they say?
After all, you do not know them anyway
Their pronouncements are mostly arbitrary
Forgotten quickly, totally unnecessary
Cheap wit, tiny thrill, easy scapegoating
A nice target, perfect for ego bloating


Droll Troll

It’s not a nice name, troll, troll, troll
Not flattering, nor friendly, not at all
Fail? I don’t think so, doesn’t really fit
It does not reflect my searing wit
The jolly japing, the funny asides
It all gentle ribbing, I tell no lies

A Poem For Poem Haters

I hate it when a poem doesn’t rhyme
It is such an utter waste of time
A collection of words and letters together
Artily composed but sounding no better
Highbrow mutterings, inviting thought
Random wittering that add up to naught